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landed on d-day and that is a sense of the chaos of the choices that had to be made that day and what i was was just the transmission for that. guest. host: thank you. before i officially think you'd let us just think all of the people who made this site possible. the music hall producer, new hampshire public radio, our digital producer, the production manager, and the recording engineer, musical director, the broadcast answer for tonight's harbor capital. in just a couple of days and
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please warn thank you for mr. tom brokaw. [applause]. >> book tv is on twitter and facebook. we want to hear from you. tweed s, tv or poster, on her facebook page. tv.
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>> my husband was born in japan and after we both we both graduated from college we moved there and lived with his family for three years. when i came back i did my masters in history as kelly mentioned, and fell into a fascination with what's known as that may g. of japanese. period. from 1868 to 1912. it's a period during which japan came to the realization that have fallen behind the rest of the world and its ability to defend its own sovereignty. after 250 years of not interacting with the world very much, it was much, it was no longer sustainable to do that. so in the space of a single lifetime, the lifetime of the m├ętis emperor and actually caught up you see it here as a divine symbol and then very quickly as the standard military uniform. as part of his mandate, he sent ambassadors around the world to learn everything about everything. from agriculture to weapons technology to legal systems, as
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he began to send these ambassadors out, one of them tight advisors piped up and said i noticed when i was in america that american women are educated and they seem to support their men in a way that japanese women don't, perhaps as part of american success. we should educate our women, how about we send five little girls to america with this large embassy that's taken off and leave them there for ten years. let them get educated and let them come back and have them spawn and generation of enlightenment. like they were going to be the use that help make japan rise. it was a very hard hard sell and at that and only five families
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came together with a daughter and two on the end words 14 and one that was just six. they departed in the fall of 1871 with what is known as a colorful afterthought really. five little girls. they landed in san francisco in 1872, took the transcontinental railroad to washington d.c. were two other ones quickly discovered they were not cut out for this mission, they're homesick and ill and they were quickly sent back to tokyo. that left the three younger ones who are placed with three different families, one in georgetown washington and one and two in new haven, connecticut. connecticut. at this point there american education began but they always stuck together from this point. they beat came extremely and point to each other they were a
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family of three because no one understood them as well as they understood each other. the youngest one, grew up in washington, graduated from high school with the pampered pet of her parents who called her the sunbeam of the rising sun, she dazzled at school and won the hearts of their social scene and forgot every word of her japanese as she grew. the middle one and the older one, who are in new haven were also dazzling american schoolgirls. eventually both of them were excepted to admission to vassar college which at this point was only about a dozen years old. the middle of the three girls came to vassar to study music, she was to get a three-year certificate and her slightly older friends whose hard to see
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her but she's in the red circle, she's truly the most dazzling one of the three. she was accepted to vassar for the full for baccalaureate the first japanese woman to earn a college degree anywhere. she was dazzling in a way that transcended her excited is a she was a completely successful american college girl. >> : .


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